GIPO’s main area of business is to design and manufacture special purpose machinery and transport solutions for industry. Company was founded in 2006 by Steen Glerup Pedersen. 5 years after its older sister GIPO in Denmark started its existence. Danish division for 5 years designed and manufactured production equipment for wooden industry. The experienced staff of Danish GIPO helped with all forces young Polish team to become successful. It allowed Polish division to start directly with big, ambitious project for known Danish window company. After first project more machinery for other Danish customers was designed, produced and installed. After a year GIPO seized the opportunity in producing machinery parts for Danish agriculture market. We started the cooperation (contract supplier) with such a Danish companies as AGCO, ALO, DAMAS and many more.

GIPO service is useful to customers who need an experienced team to built special purpose machinery and logistic systems for industry. We can build machinery to exact customer needs – customer only provide us with specification of the machine, or of the product he would like to produce on the machine, we do all the rest. We are often advising complex solutions helping the customer to produce in cost saving way, according to lean manufacturing standards.

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